We are Fast Forward.

Our main purpose is to help you to attract your ideal customer. We believe that doing business is immeasurably more fun and profitable when it is serving the right client. We aim to help you move forward. Fast.

Who we are.

Sometimes you get the perfect synergy, and end up with something great than the sum of its parts. We build off of this energy to create work that moves your customer. People will always be interested in great stories. Our job is to tell yours.

Matt Wolcott

A former COO of a tech company, Matt has a deep interest in business development and strategy. Especially in the way images, branding and media connect the right people with the right businesses. He believes that for content to be meaningful, it must create genuine engagement with the client. Beware of his terrible (=awesome) puns.

Mark Ellis

Rakish good looks aren’t the only thing this guy has going for him. Mark Ellis has been a professional filmmaker for over 10 years. He specializes in telling stories as a director and editor and has an eye for creating beauty in every frame. He enjoys working on highly creative projects and making sure to laugh—a lot—along the way.


A great brand communicates the heart of your business in seconds. It can cut through the HUGE amount of white noise in the market and speak directly to your ideal client—as long as it is carefully developed based on your company's identity & core values.


Good design help your business connect with the right people. We do this by spending time helping you to clarify what your ideal customer needs at their core, and determining how you provide that for them. Every point of contact they experience should leave them with the feeling that you have the answer to their problem.


Great video is by far the best way to create trust and affinity for your brand. There's nothing more effective, aside from a personal meeting. This is why video is a major focus for our creative process—it will do the very best job at helping you to attract your ideal customer.


Sometimes you are so close to your own business that you can't see the forest for the trees. It happens frequently—business owners get so wrapped up in the details that they have no ability to see the bigger picture. At times like these it can be incredibly helpful to have an outside consultant to bring new perspective.

How we work.

1We'll always begin the process by getting to know you and taking time to understand your needs. At times, we may even have to help you clarify your own thoughts clear the muck so you understand your own needs—and we're totally ok with that.

2 If we can determine that you have a need that we believe we can help you with, we'll have a conversation about what that might look like. Each project will have its own scope. We can handle anything from as small as resizing a logo to as big as creating your brand from scratch, building a site and producing a suite of video content to saturate your message to the marketplace.

3 Once the project scope and terms are agreed upon, we'll begin the creative process. We are very hands-on and we like to involve you in the process (as long as you like to be involved, of course). We tend to work quickly and our track record is filled with happy clients.