Video That Moves: How It Works

Great video is BY FAR the most effective way to create and authentic impact. A well made video makes a person feel like they TRUST you and they LIKE you—and that feeling is what they take action on.

1: Exploring the Goal

First things first. We have to talk about what the purpose of the video is. What is the end result that we want to provoke by making this video? Are we trying to spread awareness, make them feel inspired, educate them, motivate them, make them curious, answer their questions? An effective video will have one specific over arching goal.

2: Understanding the Audience

Now that we know the goal, it’s time to dive into the details. Who is the intended audience? What is their age, gender, experience? How do they feel about you? What do they know about you? What do they care about? What drives them to make decisions?

3: Developing the Concept

Once we understand who the audience is, and what we want them to do after watching this video, we should have a pretty good idea about how to make it. There are many different ways to make a video and we want to ensure that it speaks to the intended audience in an impactful way. If it does not authentically connect with the viewer, there is little chance they will ever take action.

4: Filming, Editing and Delivery

Once we have a solid plan, all that’s left to do is… everything else! We will schedule the filming days and locations, ensure the important people show up, coach those who will appear on screen, capture everything, and then take it all back to the editing bay to begin the intensive editing process. Once we are finished, it’s time to deliver and deploy,and for you to reap the rewards of having a great video presence.

We Aim to Delight Our Clients

We only work with great clients. This way we ensure that we have a strong inner drive to make each client feel like they are a priority to us. Because, well—they are!

Working with Fast Forward Creative was an excellent experience from beginning to end. They listened, asked good questions and were always open to my ideas and inquiries.

The end product was above and beyond what I had anticipated, creating a high quality video series for my company that ranged from inspirational to informative. When they were first shown a large conference, there were tangible, positive crowd responses and a significant increase in inquiries about our business.

Fast Forward offers a collaborative experience where your vision comes to life and is expanded with excellence, outstanding creativity and film making skill.

I didn't just end up with a video product, but a high quality short film that communicated who we are and what we're about.

—Allison Bown, The Warrior Class

How It Works: The Detailed Version

We must talk

  • 01

    First, we must talk. We need to hear the basic idea. What you’re working on, why you’re excited about it. Who needs to hear about it.

  • 02

    If it looks like we can help you tell your story, we’ll talk more. Doing a video right is a lot of work, and it’s a long process. It takes talent, skill, and time.

Questions & Answers

  • 03

    Once we have a solid idea of what the goal is, we can begin planning. We need to answer questions like, “Who is the primary audience for this video?” and “What do we want each person to FEEL when they watch it?”

  • 04

    We settle on what the main basic type of video will be. Will it be a documentary style? Narrative piece? Straight to camera? Will we need to hire talent? Actors? Voiceover artists?

  • 05

    What locations will we need to shoot in? Will it be a studio environment, indoor on location, exterior? Day or night shots? How many places will we have to travel to, how many days of shooting are involved?

  • 06

    What kind of visual effects will be required beyond color correction and grading? How intensive will the post processing become to achieve the impact we need to have?


  • 07

    This is where all our planning pays off. In great film and video, nothing is done by accident. Every shot is thought out and planned before it’s captured.

  • 08

    Whether it’s filming you on camera and it’s your first time, or directing actors, we’ll be there to coach, encourage and get the best out of the everyone involved.

Post Production:
Building the Story

  • 09

    After we capture all the raw content, it’s back to the dark recesses of our editing bays. Here we comb through all the footage and begin to winnow away the unnecessary.

  • 10

    After we’ve cobbled together a rough timeline we select music that is perfectly evocative. Sound design is ultimately EQUAL or GREATER in importance to the visuals… and often overlooked.

  • 11

    The refining process continues and we are always faced with difficult challenges. When we must “kill our darlings” in every clip, we know we have a great piece.

  • 12

    By now, you will have seen several iterations of the piece and we have the final cut ready to be color corrected & graded. Final VFX are produced, and then piece is mastered, delivered and deployed.