Labels That Convert

Fast Forward specializes in creating wine labels. We have had very successful projects ranging from a $10 bottle to $150 and everything in between.

The creative process of making labels is no different from the method we use in all our work. It consists of four steps that are designed to achieve results.

1: Only Fools Rush In

Elvis might not have been able to stop himself from falling in love, but if you want to sell more wine then we'd better take some time to understand the market, who your customer is, and what they're looking for. Then we can create what they want.

2: Creating Solutions

Based on what we learned in step one, we'll begin creating solution for your product. We like to be very hands-on and involve the client in the process, whenever they would like to be. Usually we will have several possible directions and want to work with you to hone and refine.

3: See Your Design & Iterate

We are able to generate realistic 3D renderings of your label, on glass we select for the bottle. If you peek at the gallery below, all of those bottle shots were pre-visualizations of the final product. Being able to see what it looks like could save a lot of money on a costly mistake.

4: Delivery & Deployment

After all the design details are sorted out, we dialogue with the printer to finalize the process and ensure they carry the vision through to perfection. It won't be long now until your new product is flying off shelves and into glasses.

You're in Great Company

Some of the best in the world rely on Fast Forward for their design work on all production levels.

I've been President of Beringer Vineyards, Luna Vineyards, Stouffer Frozen Foods, Carnation Ice Cream, SunMark Candy and more... So I have lived in Consumer Packaged Products.

After Matt took over label design at Luna in 2012, it took the company to new heights.

The video and design for my personal project (Moone: One Thousand Vines) sells everyone who sees it—at $150 per bottle this is saying something.

I recommend Matt to everyone in need of strategic design.

—Mike Moone

Moone: One Thousand Vines Cabernet Bottle Detail

A Few Completed Projects